Phelsuma rosagularis

Phelsuma rosagularis is found only in parts of the Brise Fer area, the mountain forests of Macchabée and Les Mares, and in the mountain forest of Montagnes Bambous. Here they profit from the nature protection and reforestation program of the WWF, which however is mainly aimed at the preservation of the pink pigeon (Columba mayeri) and the Echo Parakeet (Psittacula eques). Clearly cooler temperatures and very frequent precipitation are characteristic of these mountain forests.

Terra Typica
Les Mares, Mauritius

Biotope of Phelsuma guimbeaui rosagularisThey settle only the higher leaf trees, which offer sufficient protection and escape possibilities to them. The animals are hardly to be seen due to their hidden life style and their excellent camouflage. During the usually short sunshine periods the animals sit with flattened body on the trunk or the branches to warm up.

Phelsuma guimbeaui rosagularisPhelsuma rosagularis differs from Phelsuma guimbeaui the distinct red back pattern and often paler coloration. The pattern on the head, body and tail are often pale red to orange coloured. The loop in the neck region, which forms the median dorsal line, is only partly present. The red markings on the back tend towards a netted pattern with cross bars.
Further distinguishers are the pink coloured throat, the v-design of the nominate form is missing and the dorsal tail side is often coloured Turkish to light blue. The gecko has the ability to change colour very rapidly and can become very dark, especially while basking.