Phelsuma guentheri

Phelsuma guentheri is only known presently from an offshore island north-east of Mauritius; Round Island. In the 17th century, Phelsuma guentheri must still have been present on the main island since sub-fossil eggshells where found on rocks (Jones 1988).

Terra typica
Round Island, Mauritius

Round island is about 150 ha with a highest peak of 280 m. The steep hillsides are covered with the typical Maskarene savannah palms like Latania loddigesii, Hyophorbe lagenicaulus, Dictyosperma album and Pandanus vandermeerschii. Most Phelsuma guentheri are found on these palms together with Phelsuma ornata but some are also found on lava rock boulders. Round islands and its scarce vegetation is very vulnerable for cyclones and strong winds, common from November till April. The average rainfall on the island is about 2000 mm an the average temperature around 23° C.