Phelsuma flavigularis

Phelsuma flavigularis is only known from its Terra Typica, around Andasibe (Perinet) in Eastern Madagascar where it occurs on altitudes between 900 and 1100 m.

Terra Typica
Perinet (Andasibe), Eastern Madagascar

Phelsuma flavigularis is mainly found on Ravanela madagascariensis together with Phelsuma quadriocellata quadriocellata and Phelsuma lineata lineata. The sub-montane Andasibe has extreme temperature fluctuations during the year and even during the day. The average minimum temperature during the coldest is about 14.5° C and during the hottest months 21.4° C. In the cooler periods the temperature can drop below 10° C at night with a relative humidity of 95%. During daytime the temperature remains under 20° C with only a slight drop in humidity. The nights during the warmest months do not cool down drastically with temperatures around 22° C (90% RH) during night and 25-25° C (50-60% RH) during