Phelsuma comorensis

Phelsuma comorensis is endemic to Grande Comore, the youngest island of the Comoro Islands, where they occur in the higher altitude regions from 600m to 1000m above sea level.

Terra Typica
La Grille (1000 Meter), Grande Comore, Comoro Islands

In the lower regions (600m), Phelsuma comorensis shares its habitat with Phelsuma dubia and Phelsuma v-nigra. The geckos are mainly found on banana plants in proximity of human settlements.

Phelsuma comorensis reaches a total length from 115 to 120 mm. The basic colour of the back is usually a dirty olive green. The males can show, depending on the mood, a more vivid dark-green colouration. A red-brown pattern is present on the back and on the head, a light reddish line runs from the nostril to the eye. The dark brown lateral stripe separates the green back colouration from whitish ventral side. The similarity with Phelsuma lineata dorsivittata is remarkable except for the larger size, keeled ventral scales and the larger dorsal scales in Phelsuma lineata dorsivittata.

Phelsumia laticauda var. comorensis BOETTGER - 1913
Phelsuma dubia comorensis LOVERIDGE - 1942
Phelsuma comorensis MERTENS - 1966