Phelsuma astriata semicarinata

Image © Emmanuel Van Heygen

Phelsuma astriata semicarinata occurs on the northern granitic islands of the the Seychelles; Praslin and La Digue and their various satellite islands including Aride, Felecité, Little Sister, Big Sister, Marianne, Curieuse, Cousin and Cousine. Other population are more recently established on the coralline islands Denis, and the Amirante islands of D'arros and St. Joseph.

Terra Typica
Praslin Island, Seychelles

Phelsuma astriata semicarinata is a medium sized day gecko, which reaches a total length of up to 12 cm in both sexes. The basic colour is bright green on the back, a greyish lateral line divides the mainly green back and the white ventral colouration. On the head is a V-shaped marking. From the lip point to the eye a narrow red line runs. Behind the head most animals have one or two transverse lines, but these can be absent. On the back dotted with red spots. The rear third of the back as well as the tail can light up Turkish blue, but this does not occur as often as with P. astriata astriata. On the tail top side weakly reddish crossbars can be present.

Phelsuma lineata var. astriata TORNIER - 1901
Phelsuma carinatum RENDAHL - 1939
Phelsuma carinatum maheense RENDAHL - 1939
Phelsuma astriata LOVERIDGE - 1942
Phelsuma astovei FITZSIMONS - 1948
Phelsuma astriata astriata MERTENS - 1962
Phelsuma astriata astovei MERTENS - 1962
Phelsuma carinata EVANS & EVANS - 1980