Phelsuma antanosy

Phelsuma antanosy is only known from three smaller coastal forests in the Tolagnaro region. One of these forests is already almost completely cleared. This underlines the strong endangerment of this species. The forests are all approx. 0.1 km to 4 km from the coast.

Terra Typica
Near Petriky, ca. 15 km north-east from Tolagnaro, South-East Madagascar.

The annual amount of precipitation reaches from 800 to 2000 mm. The animals live on Ravenala madagascariensis and Pandanus species where it finds protection between the leaves.

Phelsuma antanosy reaches approx. 10 cm and can be counted to the smaller species of the genus. They are coloured bright green. On the rear part of the back three clear red longitudinal lines are recognizable, from which the middle is the most intensive. The head design consists of two red crossbars and a red-brown lip line, which run from the nostril to the eye. Between the crossbar as well as at the upper edge of eyes, Phelsuma antanosy shows a blue colouring. The eyes are dark-brown and bordered yellow . The throat, belly and tail's lower surface are white.

Phelsuma antanosy - RAXWORTHY & NUSSBAUM 1993