Phelsuma abbotti sumptio

Image © Emmanuel Van Heygen

Phelsuma abbotti sumptio only occurs on Assumption Island, 40 km south of the Aldabra atoll. The island is one of the four members of the Aldabra Group, Seychelles.

Terra Typica
Assumption Island, Seychelles

Phelsuma abbotti sumptio lives on deciduous trees and coconut trees. These trees are more abundant then on the Aldabra atoll. The island prevails a mild, humid climate, due to the warm ocean currents. The temperatures range between 27°C and 30°C and decrease only a little at night.

This subspecies of Phelsuma abbotti is with approx. 15 cm to 16 cm overall length somewhat larger then the nominate and the Madagascar form and is more compact. The basic colour is a mixture of grey and Turkish blue. The very fast colour change abilities of this subspecies makes it possible for the animals to be bright light blue within seconds. The splendour colouring is shown frequently with food intake and with mating or territorial behaviour. As red markings, Phelsuma abbotti sumptio possesses a lip line, which runs from the nose to the eye; an irregular head design, a partially interrupted dorsal line, as well as some scattered points on the back. The scales on the flanks become more coarse-grained and the colouring goes more into the grey. Belly and throat are orange, the lower tail surface grey. The iris is dark-brown. The difference between the sexes exists only in a small size difference and the increased femoral pores of the males.